Our Services

Drain Clearing and Inspection

For any drain that is up to 100mm (4 inch) in diameter and no longer than 15m we can inspect and clear 'soft' blockages. This is grease, food scraps, paper, sanitary products, hair etc.

Our equipment does not at this time operate on 'hard' blockages such as concrete or building materials, tree roots or collapsed pipes.

If you have such a blockage and need our services head to our contact page.

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Our Tools

Water Ram

This tool shoots a shot of compressed air down the drain. It can be used as a first line of defence or in situations where there are too many bends in the pipe for the 'Plumbers Eel' or 'Water Jetter' to access.

Plumbers Eel

The Traditional Plumber's Eel is very versatile with a variety of cable sizes and attachment heads, it is a staple tool for drain clearing.

Water Jetter

This machine provides the best results. It is very versatile with its variety of different hose sizes and nozzles, offering wall to wall cleaning of the pipe using high pressure water.

Drain Camera

We use this specialised camera to see exactly what is going on inside. This is used for any sort of drain inspection which is often before and/or after an issue.